100% Natural Skincare Handmade in Switzerland

My unique recipes are full of a wonderful blend of plant-based butters and oils that give my soaps their luxurious lather and nourish and moisturize your skin. I only use herbal additives such as pure essential oils, cosmetic dyes and hand-picked organic herbs and fruit peels from my own garden and kitchen.

I get the animal products (goat milk and honey) from an organic farmer in the Appenzellerland. All of my products are free from palm oil, harmful chemicals, toxins, or artificial preservatives!

All of my products are handmade by me in very small batches in my studio in St. Gallen. My soap is cold process soap, which means I make the recipe from scratch with full control over all of the ingredients. Each bar of soap matures for 4 to 6 weeks. This will ensure that all of the water has evaporated and will result in a tougher bar of soap that will last longer